Foreign tax clearance and currency transfers for Galbraith Rushby
Galbraith Rushby

Currency Partners with Galbraith Rushby

Register below for assistance with your Foreign Tax Clearance and currency transfers to save on the exchange rates.

Transferring Your Funds

Save money on your currency conversions and let our professional Business team manage your exchange rate risk and take the hassle out of foreign currency payments so you can cut costs, protect profits, and grow your business.

Benefits and Services

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  • Significant savings with preferential exchange rates, careful timing, and clever planning
  • Advice and assistance with Exchange Control requirements
  • Risk management strategies and bespoke hedging solutions (FECs, Options and Futures)
  • Rate watch alerts and automatic market orders to secure your target price
  • Administrative support to settle invoices and process Balance of Payment (BoP) forms
  • Interest-bearing foreign currency and local cash management accounts
  • Trade finance solutions to free up valuable working capital and help your business grow
  • Endorsement of share certificates
  • Assistance with SARB approvals for Inward Foreign Loans and Foreign Direct Investment’s