December 09, 2021

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Top benefits of consulting a Financial Advisor

Top benefits of consulting a Financial Advisor

When investing offshore, it can be very beneficial to consult a trusted Financial Advisor. By drawing on their expertise, qualifications, and valuable experience from exposure to the markets, an experienced FA can help you navigate the potential pitfalls of investing and guide you in reaching your investment goals.

1. Get valuable advice on your investment plan
For most individuals, a solid long-term offshore strategy is an important component of a balanced and diversified investment portfolio. An experienced Financial Advisor can help you develop a comprehensive personal financial plan that takes into account your individual circumstances, goals and needs. With careful management and periodic consultations, they can manage expectations and investment performance to ensure that your requirements are being met, and guide you in making important decisions, based on market performance, to keep your investment strategy aligned with your long-term goals.

2.  Minimise your tax burden
Tax regulations for foreign currency investments and property abroad can be complicated and onerous. Without professional tax advice, you could be making costly mistakes or fall foul of your regulatory obligations. A Financial Advisor can typically assist you with ensuring that your tax affairs stay in order and help you make significant savings by optimising your tax position.

3.  Avoid costly mistakes
With perpetual volatility in investment markets, it can be tempting to make impulsive decisions based on emotion which can adversely impact your investment performance and strategy. A good Financial Advisor will manage your emotions around short term market performance and help by guiding you with a more measured approach to keep you on track with your long term investment strategy.

Currency Partners has gained these valuable insights by working closely together with many Financial Advisers from some of the biggest names in Financial Services. Speak to your Financial Adviser for the best and most convenient way to make significant savings when purchasing foreign currency for investing offshore.

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