Foreign tax clearance and currency transfers for
Infinitum Financial Solutions clients

Currency Partners with Infinitum Financial Solutions

Register below for assistance with your Foreign Tax Clearance and currency transfers to save on the exchange rates.

Transferring Your Funds Offshore

Each South African resident taxpayer may avail themselves of their annual single Discretionary Allowance (R1 million) and/or Foreign Capital Allowance (R10 million) per calendar year, for direct offshore investment in foreign currency denominated assets.

Currency Partners can assist our clients with the process of obtaining foreign tax clearance from SARS and facilitate a Currency Transfer of your funds at preferential exchange rates, so you save money on the exchange rates from your bank.

Benefits and Services

Register below and benefit from:

  • Completing the required exchange control, SARS foreign tax clearance and currency forms
  • Applying for free SARS foreign tax clearance certificates (FTCCs) on your behalf
  • Preferential all-inclusive foreign exchange rates so you save on the retail exchange rates from your bank (zero commissions and administration fees)
  • Annual Discretionary Allowance and Foreign Capital Allowance currency transfers
  • Special SARB approvals for amounts greater than the annual individual allowances of R11 million