September 01, 2023


Why Attorneys Partner with Currency Partners?

Why Attorneys Partner with Currency Partners?

Why do Attorneys partner with Currency Partners?

South African legal experts are faced with the challenge of having globally based clients, whether they are South Africans living abroad or foreigners living in South Africa. Our expert Partnership Team applies their in-depth knowledge and specialist experience to help you navigate the complexities of Foreign Exchange requirements with our unique currency solutions.

Who is Currency Partners?

We are a specialist Foreign Exchange provider serving both personal and corporate clients in South Africa and abroad. Our services include a broad spectrum of specialties such as tax emigration, international currency transfers to and from South Africa, non-resident services, and foreign exchange for Trust and Fiduciary, Inheritances and Deceased Estates, amongst many others.

Who do we partner with?

We partner with a range of individuals and companies, including Legal Attorneys as well as Trust and Fiduciary Companies. Currency Partners specialises in helping our Legal and Fiduciary clients with the movement of funds into and out of South Africa, along with all the additional services required for seamless currency transfers.

Why your clients love us…

When we partner with you, we become real partners and therefore your clients benefit. From highly competitive pricing on currency transfers and the latest market insights to expert advice and the administration of SARB approvals, Tax Clearance Certificates, and many other foreign exchange requirements – our 360° solution saves you and your clients time, money and stress.

How your business benefits…

As South Africa’s largest specialist FX provider, we offer valuable market knowledge and expert assistance to manage the requirements of South African Exchange Control from start to finish. Our bulk currency order volumes also enable us to pass on preferential pricing, so your clients can make significant savings on their currency transfers.

Value for your Private Clients

  • International currency transfers to and from South Africa
  • Simple, secure, online registration
  • Complimentary Approval for International Transfer applications
  • Special SARB approvals for values over the SA Residents annual allowances
  • Tax Emigration services
  • Advice and assistance with Exchange Control regulations
  • Non-resident services including non-resident clients buying or selling property in South Africa
  • Inheritance payments to beneficiaries living abroad
  • Foreign Exchange for Trust and Fiduciary

Value for your Business Clients

  • Foreign loan applications with the SARB
  • Endorsement of share certificates for non-resident entities
  • Related party SARB approvals – Payments from South African entities to Offshore entities with the same shareholding and/or directorships
  • Foreign Direct Investments
  • Importing or Exporting businesses that require specialist advice on how to manage their foreign exchange exposure
  • Rate alerts and automatic market orders to ensure you never miss out on a favourable market price
  • Local and international cash management accounts
  • Dedicated Dealing to help you manage currency risk by securing exchange rates in advance

At Currency Partners, we believe that lasting partnerships are built on mutual trust, dedicated service and shared values.

If you’d like to partner with us, simply register online here or contact us to find out more.

We look forward to partnering with you and saving you time and money.