November 29, 2023


Trade Finance solutions for your business

Trade Finance solutions for your business

What is Trade Finance?

Trade Finance encompasses a range of financial tools and services designed to support the smooth flow of goods and funds between buyers and sellers involved in international trade. It addresses challenges such as currency fluctuations, payment delays, and the inherent risks associated with conducting business across borders.

Together with Merchant Partners, a specialist provider of Trade Finance solutions, Currency Partners can help you unlock value and increase finance facilities to fuel your trade cycle and growth.

Furthermore, we add value through guarantees, bespoke hedging and finance solutions to better manage the risks of supplier payments and alleviate cash flow constraints. 

Our tailored Trade Finance solutions are crafted to drive business growth by allowing businesses to navigate the complexities of international trade with confidence.

We understand that working capital is a key requirement for any business to grow.

Value for you:

  • Access to additional short to medium-term working capital, using the underlying products or services being imported/exported as security/collateral.
  • Alleviate cash flow constraints.
  • Request higher volumes of stock or place larger orders with suppliers, leading to economies of scale and bulk discounts.
  • A highly flexible facility that can be designed as a revolving resource or structured to meet the requirements of a specific deal.
  • Fast and straight forward credit decisions.
  • Unlock the value tied up in existing assets (stock).
  • Guaranteed payment to your suppliers.
  • Extended terms of repayment to meet your cash flow cycle.

How it works:

  1. Register:  Complete our short online registration and send us your supporting documents.
  2. Open Account:  We’ll open your account and contact you to discuss your requirements in detail.
  3. Send or Receive Currency:  Optimise your conversions with a dedicated Business Dealer.

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