July 28, 2023


Building resilient supply chain liquidity

Building resilient supply chain liquidity

Increased supply chain volatility has made the role of trade financiers even more vital than before. The competitive world of e-commerce, material scarcity, fluctuating freight costs and challenges with demand forecasting can wreak havoc on liquidity.

Trade financing has evolved and can build the financial resilience required to mitigate financial and supply chain risks.

Businesses seeking trade financing options are using single applications that can offer a multitude of finance options. Time pressures are being alleviated with fast credit decisions and comparative pricing facilities.

By providing these facilities, that can give suppliers guaranteed payment terms, increased access to working capital to unlock growth opportunities, capital injections to alleviate cash flow constraints, businesses are able to run a leaner supply chain.

And by unlocking precious value tied up in existing stock and assets, businesses can use the financing to become more competitive by using economies of scale to benefit from bulk discounts and negotiating more favourable terms with suppliers.

A highly flexible facility that offers improved repayment terms to suite a cash flow cycle can allow a business to adapt to demand driven procurement when opportunities become available.

Currency Partners can add value through bespoke hedging and finance solutions to better manage the risks of supplier payments and alleviate cash flow constraints.

Value for your business:

·       One application offering multiple financing options

·       Fast credit decisions and comparative pricing of facilities

·       Long term relationship and a personalised service

·       Guaranteed payment terms for your suppliers

·       Access to increased working capital to unlock growth opportunities

·       Capital injections to alleviate cash flow constraints

·       Economies of scale, bulk discounts, and improved terms from larger supplier orders

·       A highly flexible facility, enabling you to meet the specific requirements of each order

·       Improved repayment terms to suite your cash flow cycle

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