February 02, 2024


Unlock efficiencies with our exclusive APN support for your business

Unlock efficiencies with our exclusive APN support for your business

At Currency Partners, we are constantly striving to enhance our services to meet the evolving needs of our valued clients. We are excited to introduce our latest offering tailored specifically for your business – our Advanced Payment Notification (APN) solution through SARS e-filing.

Currency Partners | A guide to the New Advance Payment Notice Process

Currency Partners is your comprehensive partner in setting up and obtaining APN numbers for your business. Whether prompted by new orders or favourable exchange rates, timely processing of advance payments for offshore goods is crucial. With our specialist foreign exchange service, you can expect immediate and reliable assistance for a seamless cross-border payment process.

Value for you

  • Save valuable time and money as we handle the administrative costs and burdens on your behalf
  • Get timely responses on APN requests, ensuring you can make advance payments promptly
  • Receive assistance with Bank Generated APNs in case the SARS system is down
  • Efficiently track your import payments with our APN confirmation emails upon acquisition
  • Experience an efficient and financially optimised cross-border payments journey for your convenience

Our APN solution is designed to enhance the efficiency of your cross-border payment process, providing you with the tools and support needed to navigate the complexities of international transactions.

Should you wish to proceed with our service, we will provide you with the basic requirements to initiate the process promptly.

Thank you for considering Currency Partners as your partner in navigating the evolving landscape of international transactions. We look forward to assisting you in optimising your APN process.

To speak to an expert in our specialist business team, email enquiries@currencypartners.co.za or call us on +27 21 203 0081.

Take advantage of our Business offering today and give yourself an edge.